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host_struct Struct Reference

#include <cactid.h>

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Detailed Description

Host Structure

This structure holds host information from the host table and is used throughout the application.

Definition at line 373 of file cactid.h.

Public Attributes

double availability
double avg_time
double cur_time
int failed_polls
char hostname [250]
int id
int ignore_host
double max_time
double min_time
char snmp_community [100]
char snmp_password [50]
int snmp_port
void * snmp_session
int snmp_timeout
char snmp_username [50]
int snmp_version
int status
int status_event_count
char status_fail_date [40]
char status_last_error [100]
char status_rec_date [40]
int total_polls

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