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config_struct Struct Reference

#include <cactid.h>

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Detailed Description

Config Structure

This structure holds Cactid database configuration information and/or override values obtained via either accessing the database or reading the runtime options. In addition, it contains runtime status information.

Definition at line 268 of file cactid.h.

Public Attributes

int availability_method
char dbdb [80]
char dbhost [80]
char dbpass [80]
unsigned int dbport
char dbuser [80]
int end_host_id
int log_destination
int log_level
int log_perror
int log_pstats
int log_pwarn
int logfile_processed
int num_parent_processes
int parent_fork
char path_logfile [250]
char path_php [250]
char path_php_server [250]
int php_current_server
int php_initialized
int php_required
int php_servers
int ping_failure_count
int ping_method
int ping_recovery_count
int ping_retries
int ping_timeout
int poller_id
int poller_interval
int script_timeout
int snmp_max_get_size
int snmp_retries
int snmponly
int SQL_readonly
int start_host_id
int threads

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